SwissTainer®: Electronic Document Data Exchange for Companies in Switzerland and Outside the EU

SwissTainer® was an advanced solution for electronic document data exchange that specifically supported companies in Switzerland, but also outside the EU. Over the years, SwissTainer® has provided an efficient platform for structured data exchange and overcoming challenges in document exchange.

SwissTainer® enabled companies to eliminate their problems with electronic documents and at the same time save costs when exchanging documents. The platform provided companies with a comprehensive overview of their documents by collecting all relevant business documents in the data container and providing a form view of the EDI data, comparable to a paper file in the mailbox. The exchange of document data from the ERP took place as a structured data set or as a PDF generated from the ERP, with format conversion taking place in a secure environment in the data centers in Switzerland.

Differences to BizzTainer®

  • SwissTainer® was specifically designed for companies based in Switzerland and third countries outside the EU, while BizzTainer® served companies within the EU.
  • The platform worked according to Swiss EDI guides and placed particular emphasis on the requirements and standards of Swiss law, especially with regard to VAT compliance and electronic document storage.

Features of SwissTainer®

  • SwissTainer® offered functions such as order and delivery processing (order automation), e-invoicing (invoice automation) in accordance with Swiss EDI guides and interface software for seamless ERP integration. The platform supported standard formats such as CSV/text file, SAP-Idoc, XML, EDIFACT including industry subsets such as EANCOM.
  • The SwissTainer® Private EDI Cloud made it possible to obtain EDI services from the “data cloud” for a setup fee and usage costs, without companies having to make their own investments in EDI servers and infrastructure. Data transmission was encrypted and the platform ensured a high level of data security through access identification and the protection of personal data.

Compliance and VAT Conformity

  • SwissTainer® met the requirements of Swiss law with regard to the authenticity of the origin and integrity of the content of electronic invoices in accordance with ElDI-V. The platform was awarded the Federal Department of Finance’s certificate of VAT compliance.
  • The SwissTainer® Private EDI Cloud facilitated compliance by enabling the reconciliation of invoices with orders, deliveries and services while providing a “business process file” for all documents in a transaction. Each data container was signed and archived to ensure proof of compliance.