BizzTainer®: Electronic Document Data Exchange in the BizzTainer® EDI Cloud

BizzTainer® was an advanced electronic document exchange solution that helped companies increase efficiency and overcome document exchange challenges. The platform enabled structured data exchange in the form of EDI (XML) and integrated seamlessly with different ERP systems, regardless of individual customizations or versions. Here are the key features and benefits of BizzTainer®:

Overview and Structure in Document Exchange:

  • BizzTainer® offered a “form view” of EDI data, similar to a paper file in the mailbox, and collected all documents of a transaction in a data container.
  • Companies could transfer structured data records (e.g. SAP-Idoc or CSV format) or documents generated as PDFs from the ERP and the format conversion took place in a secure private cloud for EDI.

Flexible Integration and Compatibility:

  • The platform was suitable for companies based in the EU, while SwissTainer® served as an equivalent for companies based in Switzerland.
  • BizzTainer® overcame incompatibilities between different ERP systems by eliminating media discontinuities as a business process file since 2004.

Adaptation to EU Directives and VAT Conformity:

  • BizzTainer® facilitated compliance with EU Directive 2010/45 for electronic invoices, including order automation and invoice automation with audit trail.
  • The platform ensured VAT compliance and ensured the accuracy of invoice content, including identity, authenticity and input tax deduction.

Compliance and Private EDI-Cloud:

  • BizzTainer® served as an audit trail and provided a reliable audit trail for the authenticity of the origin and integrity of documents, especially in the absence of invoice signatures (EU).
  • The BizzTainer® Private EDI Cloud made it possible to obtain EDI services without having to invest in servers and infrastructure, while complying with strict data protection laws in the European Economic Area.

The platform thus offered a comprehensive solution for companies that wanted to optimize their document processing while meeting the requirements of EU directives and VAT compliance, until it was discontinued in 2023.