Labeling. Barcode. Self-Service.

Our labeling adapter supplements your systems.

  • Your customers need shipping labels with SSCC?
  • You only have the delivery details?
  • Your shipping system does not create any shipment numbers?
  • You need item details for the labels?

We can help you prepare your shipping data for transport labels
with barcodes.

The labeling adapter integrates. Various systems. Various platforms.

labeling adapter
labeling barcode types

Let us know what your requirements are - we can help.

  • You inform us of your initial situation and the requirements.
  • Together, we determine the functionality.
  • We configure the labeling adapter, to specifically meet your needs.
  • You install the labeling adapter in your environment.
  • You transfer the shipping data from inventory management or logistics, the adapter adds missing information such as item details or SSCC.
  • The transport labels are automatically printed out on the selected printer.
  • You label the goods to be shipped and off they go.
  • Your customer receives the requested scannable shipping information.
  • Your customer can compare dispatch notifications and incoming goods in an automated manner.

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Shipping. Transport labels. Barcode.