Ordering. From catalogues.

Your product ranges for your customers.

Provide your customers with specific product catalogues.
Enable your customers to order without any effort - easily, quickly, reliably.

  • Your customer orders from his/her product range - with his/her prices.
  • Whether from the office or on the go.
  • Whether online or offline.
  • You immediately get the customer orders in your ordering system.
  • You have a standardised order process.

Customer-specific product ranges for your field staff.

Provide your field staff with customer-specific product catalogues.
Include the orders from your field staff seamlessly to your order processing.

  • Your field staff orders customer-specific - no errors in the product range, no variations in price.
  • Whether from the office or on the go.
  • Whether online or offline.
  • You get the field staff orders in your ordering system immediately.
  • You have a standardised order process.

Saves time. Avoids mistakes.

bestellen aus katalogen

Order App. Mobile.

Web Shop. Stationary.

Order App. Mobile.
From on the go.

Ordering via smartphone or tablet. Online. Offline.

  • You are flexible with the Order app.
  • For customer orders.
  • As a scheduling system for your field staff.
  • Scan module simplifies the entry. Photograph barcode.
  • Automatic transfer of the order into your ordering system.

Learn more about the Order app

Web Shop. In the office. From on the go.

The easy way of ordering.

From a simple web shop to an complete procure-to-pay or order-to-cash system.

  • Easy product selection. Detailed product comparisons.
  • Perfect product presentation - with photos and all product details.
  • Even for smaller volume customers with a small amount orders.
  • Automatic addition to order processing.
  • Automatic order confirmation as PDF or via EDI.

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