Signature. Proof.

Authenticity of origin. Integrity of the content. Mandatory in Switzerland.

Legal bases according to Swiss law:

  • ZERTES (Swiss Federal Law on Electronic Signatures). Governs the equal status of electronic signatures and handwritten signatures.
  • ElDI-V (Swiss Ordinance on Electronically Transmitted Data and Information). Governs requirements for electronic documents regarding input tax deduction.
  • GeBüV (Swiss Business Records Ordinance). Governs maintaining and archiving business records.
  • The authenticity of origin and the integrity of the content of an invoice is, pursuant to the Swiss EIDI-V, most reliably proven by means of electronic signature.
  • Electronic document storage is permissible according to GeBüV.
  • The integrity of the data and proper archiving is essential for compliance.
  • User-friendly access to signed invoice data (PDF view the same as for paper document) is required for auditing purposes.

The certificate of the Swiss Federal Department of Finance on the conformity of value added tax of SwissTainer was issued on December 7, 2007.

Participants in the SwissTainer-EDI-Cloud spare themselves the EDI process description with all partners.

Signature. SwissTainer.

invoice digital signature eldi-v

signature verification

pruefpfad vorgangsakte

vorgangsakte datencontainer

Audit trail. Proof.

Digital transaction file. Audit trail.

Complete business processes in the data container.

The data container BizzTainer (for the EU) and SwissTainer (for Switzerland and third parties) provide an audit trail, i.e. the trail between invoice and service.

As a transaction file, the data container contains structured business data:

  • Container ID.Distinctive worldwide. For referencing beyond company borders.
  • Business process regulations.Partner-, transaction-, product-specific.
  • Workflow.Roles, activities, timing.
  • Validation rules.Tax workflow.
  • Appendices.Business documents, e.g. audit report, ???, time card, service overview, drawing.
  • Signature.Audit report.

Data container with all documents, persons involved, status and time stamp.

With the data container with all documents for a business transaction, you obtain an in-house control procedure pursuant to § 14 sec. 1 of the Value Added Tax Act (UStG) and at the same time, the reliable audit trail.
It establishes the reference between invoice and delivery or service required by law - also with form view on the document data.
The data container is archived with signature, audit-proof and secure.

Audit trail. Data container.
BizzTainer. SwissTainer.

Archive. Storing. Finding.

Archiving digitally signed invoices in compliance with the law.

10-year archiving with online access.

  • Original document.
  • Signed invoice (EDIFACT).
  • PDF view of the signed EDIFACT invoice.
  • Signature test report.

Archive. Online.
BizzTainer. SwissTainer.

Request access to EDI Managed Service

rechnungsarchiv schweiz