Entering invoices. Easier than ever.

Receive and read out PDF invoices via email.

Have your purchase invoices sent to you as PDF via email, no longer by letter or fax. With our PDF Mapping, we provide for the automatic assignment of the invoice content to a data format your inventory management system can import.

You check the invoice and then approve it for payment.

No typing. Less errors. Quicker.

Connection without a complex EDI project!

Procedure - Managed Service

  • You request access from us.
  • You send us a typical purchase invoice as PDF document.
  • You select the suitable EDI format for import into your inventory management system.
  • We take care of reading out the PDF content, i.e. mapping.
  • We take care of activating suppliers and tests.
  • You ask your suppliers to send future invoices as PDF.
  • We carry out the running operations for you.

PDF invoice to EDI.
Managed Service.

We provide you with the service of PDF Mapping for your invoices.

You send us a sample invoice from your supplier. We take care of the rest.

More about Managed Service

We create a mapping file for you from the PDF purchase invoice document. This works as a PDF to EDI converter. Every PDF invoice from your supplier with this layout is then automatically converted to EDI. The transmission is conducted as an email attachment or encrypted with the B2B adapter.

We operate. Trouble-free procedure.

PDF invoice to EDI.

You take care of the PDF Mapping of your invoices yourself.

If you want to map the PDF invoices to EDI yourself, you can also operate our PDF Mapper at your location. You will receive a one-year licence with a renewal option for this purpose.

More about PDF Mapper

You have many suppliers with different invoice layouts.
You have the connection know-how.
You would like more control over the procedures.

You operate. We help with any questions.

Procedure - Self-Service.

  • You download the PDF Mapper, install it and request a licence.
  • You select the suitable EDI format for your billing system.
  • You take care of the mapping of your PDF invoices.
  • You take care of the tests.
  • You ask your suppliers to send future invoices to you as PDF.
  • You take care of the running operations.


PDF invoice to EDI.
Easy testing.

You can easily test whether or not your PDF purchase invoice can be read out.

Then, you decide whether PDF Mapping is to be conducted using the Managed Service by us or using the Self-Service by you.

Test PDF invoice now

View the test results. Decide.

Fax? Scan? PDF printer.

You only receive faxed invoice or scan the documents?
The document check for PDF Mapping failed?

Ask your business partners to export the invoices via a PDF printer.

Download PDF printer

PDF printer. Automatic processing.

Even faxed or scanned documents can be processed - if the image quality is good.
First, character recognition with OCR 1 must be conducted, then, PDF Mapping can be implemented.

More about PDF Mapping with OCR

1 - OCR = Optical Character Recognition