Invoice Automation

We create EDI/XML from PDF invoices. We scan paper invoices and record the content electronically. We validate EDI/XML invoices regarding conformity with the VAT provisions and convert it into the consignee´s format. You establish the procurement of delivery and services for the invoice using the preliminary documents. When necessary, we sign and archive, which provides you with additional legal security.

Details on the invoice process

Accounting Automation

We help you with creditor and debtor management. Transparent claim management, settlement of invoices. Monitoring of incoming payments and outstanding items.

Online accounting automates the account assignment of your vouchers. This provides you with transparency for receivables and payables.

Integrated auditing simplifies settlement of invoices.

Only approved invoices are paid. No need for additional charges or credit vouchers based on invoice discrepancies.

Details on accounting


Transparent claim management, verified invoice, payment status, bank statement, accounting journal. Turn your receivables into cash.

Evidence of the procurement of delivery and services by means of the preliminary documents for the invoice and the auditing of accounts increase the legal validity of your receivables.

That creates room for advance against invoice with flexible terms of payment and favourable payment conditions.

Pre-finance sales immediately. Use of discounts in creditor management, avoided discounts in debtor management, flexible advance against invoice.

Details on sales financing