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The ExxTainer AG based in Pfäffikon SZ, Switzerland, is a provider of integration solutions based on Java and XML standard technologies and operates a GS1 certified EDI clearing center. The following product lines are available BizzTainer®and SwissTainer® .

In addition to the transfer of typical EDIFACT formats, connections in various formats are possible, e.g. CSV, XML, SAP-IDoc, Navision. The transfer of documents for the most common business processes (order, delivery note, invoice; VMI) is entirely supported in a turnaround process using a web EDI platform. All other data interchange processes are available as a Managed File Transfer.

Digital signature and verification of electronic invoices, where required or legally mandatory – certified by the Swiss Fiscal Authority.

Application of the solutions in the areas of industry, production of consumer goods, food production, trade, billing of complex services (testing services), order, delivery and invoice processing in the area of credit card and corporate card as well as toll payments. Tracking of electronic documents via the end-to-end portal.

Product lines

SwissTainer®. Software products for Switzerland and third countries.

BizzTainer®. Software products for the EU.

BizzTainer®. Stands for Business Data Container.

SwissTainer®. The BizzTainer according to the Swiss EDI guide.

ExxTainer is the provider of the software products.

ExxTainer stands for “Exchange of data containers”.